"As good a JV game as I've ever been apart of....."     
                                                                                          -----  Coach Ray Butler

Thursday Patriot Day
                      Jeans with same stipulations,  dress in Red, White and Blue.

Friday Homecoming Day
                      2014 Homecoming Shirts and jeans.  If you do not have a 2014 HC shirt you must wear standard uniform shirts and pants.  NO OTHER SPIRIT shirts may be worn that day.


Wednesday, October 1,  2014

TODAY'S LUNCH: Pork with Rice and Gravy, Orange, and Roll
  Cereal with Milk and Orange Juice

STUDENTS:  If you or your parents are having trouble logging into the parent portal, try entering your user name in ALL CAPS.  There is an issue with the system, some need to do this and some don't.   So if it doesn't work one way, try the ALL CAPS way.

BETA MEMBERS: All candy money and any CANDY that has not been sold is due Friday, Oct.3 to Mr. Newman in room 202.

FBLA OFFICERS: There will be an FBLA Officers’ Meeting in Ms. Lyles room TOMORROW morning (Thursday) at 7:15.  Advisers are also encouraged to attend.  See you there --

PSAT: Juniors and sophomores that would like to sign up for the PSAT (preliminary SAT) need to see Mrs. Robbins. The test is Wednesday, October 15th at 8:00 am in the cafeteria. More information will be sent out to students and teachers this week. The cost for taking the test is $14.00, and due to Ms. Robbins no later than Thursday, October 9th. and you will be finish testing around 11:00 A.M.

The Homecoming Dance will be held on October 4th from 7:00 until 10:00 in the FPHS gym. Admission to the dance is $5 per person and will be paid at the door.   There will be NO HOMECOMING DANCE on Saturday.

EVERYONE:Student Council is hosting Battle of the Banners!! Clubs and organizations please finish up getting your banners ready for this week. We will be judging them TOMORROW of this week and announce the winners on Friday

4-H Members:  Enrollment cards and dues ($10) are due to J. Parker in room 104.  Dues must be paid in advance in order for you to attend the next  meeting (October 9th).

PEP SQUAD MEMBERS:   Pep Squad PracticeTOMORROW at 3:15.




  • We are giving you your AR user name and password.  It is your responsibility to have that information with you each time you come in to test or check your bookshelf.  If we have to give the information to you after the first time, you will have to pay for a replacement.  The replacement cost will be $1.00 until you are given your plastic card.  Once we have given you the plastic card with this information the cost will be $3.00.


  •  Thursday, October 16.... This is for 9th through 11th grade.  Wear school uniform..
  • FCCLA members must pay dues by TODAY, officer elections will be TOMORROW, paid members come by Mrs. Allen's room on your lunch to vote
  • You need to see Ms. Allen about the Fall Leadership Rally. 
STUDENTS:  We will display a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" announcement on our scrolling marquee and on the daily announcements for $5.00.  You must submit the Birthday wish 24 hours before the birthday to Ms. Martin.


  • Any senior that is interested in prom committee, sign up with Mrs. Stephenson or Mr. Williamson.

  • Check the scholarship link, on the school homepage, under Parents and under Students regularly to keep up with money opportunities.
  • Start applying for colleges to get scholarship opportunities (If already enrolled with ULM DO NOT APPLY again, letters will be forthcoming)
  • Don't miss ACT dates if need to retake.
  • After January 1st can start applying for Financial Aid and TOPS with the FAFSA. More information on that later.


  • There is a handout in your mailbox concerning the state mandated Bullying program. It will take just a few minutes to do.  Turn your certificate into Ms. Sartin or Mr. Gunter by TOMORROW at noon.     Link:   https://www.icre8.org.uk/lfhe/bh.html

  • Friday, October 3rd is Homecoming Day and on that day we will be doing our school wide Cyber Bullying/Internet Safety Lesson all day.  Please note this in your lesson plans.  If you are a new teacher, ask a seasoned neighbor and they will tell you what to expect.

  •   Report Cards will be given out in homeroom on Friday, October 3rd. Please start looking at incompletes.