Patriot Basketball
on a great season!!!

Coach Rader and the Patriot Basketball Team would like to thank
the students and fans for the support last night.




Purchase from Ms. Martin (she will be in her office both lunch shifts)

They will be in for you to wear them the Friday before Spring Break, March 27th.
You will be allowed to wear this with jeans on  that Friday.



Ryder 6-0 W / 3-2 W                       Alex/John 6-0 W / 6-0 W
Gavin 6-0 W / 6-1 W                     Drew/Jarod 6-3 W
Kaitlyn 6-0 W / 6-1 W                       Kamille 6-0 W / 6-2 W
Matt/Dillon 6-4 W / 6-0 W

6-1 W

Wednesday, February 4, 2015                                                                                           

TODAY'S LUNCH: Pizza, Corn, Salad, and Peaches
NEXT BREAKFAST:  Sausage and Toast

STUDENTS:   The library will be closed Thursday, March 12th.  We also have spring break March 30 – 31 and April 1, 2, 3, and 6.  When we come back from spring break, you will only have 3 days to test before the end of the fifth six weeks.

Counting today,  you have a total of 22 days to get your AR points.  The last day to test for the fifth six weeks will be Thursday, April 9th.

  CHEERLEADING TRYOUTS: Tryout Packets may be picked up from Mrs. Savage or Mrs. Griffin starting TODAY. Tryout packets must be completed and returned to Mrs. Savage no later than April 10th.


  • MANDATORY: There will be a faculty meeting immediately after school TOMORROW.  This meeting will cover important aspects of the upcoming EXPLORE, PLAN, ACT, and ACT Workkeys tests coming up in the next two weeks.  Please mark your calendar and be sure you attend. If you miss this meeting you MUST see Mrs. Robbins or Mrs. Fowler asap.

  • We have found that some students are "loaning" their Patriot Scholar dog tag to a friend so that the friend can dress in jeans and spirit shirt on Fridays.  We need your help to prevent this.  That is the reason you received the list of Patriot Scholars on Friday and signed for it.  Please go through the list and HIGH LIGHT those scholars so you can check each class as a glance.
STUDENTS:  Until you are told differently, the only students allowed to wear jeans and an FPHS Spirit Shirt/Hoodie

DO NOT wear jeans and a spirit shirt or spirit hoodie (this includes Senior '15 hoodies) on Friday's assuming it's okay. 
Let's focus on improving our grades.  It will be announced when this policy changes....
School Dress as stated in the FPHS Handbook... ONLY red, white, or blue polo shirts...... OR red or blue FPHS T-shirts with the logo on the left pocket area..... OR red or blue FPHS hoodie with the logo on the left pocket area.... Any other hoodies will be
            taken up and turned into the office.

 NO SWEATERS or NON APPROVIED Sweat Shirts are allowed to be worn over the school uniform shirts.

Don't put off grade recovery because it takes time.  You cannot recover any "F" in a few days when it took 6 weeks to make it.

Thanks  MS. DONNA COLLINS  for the donation to the JAG Community service project animal shelter.


The FPHS JAG program is part of the JAG state wide Community Service Project to help out the local animal shelter or the SPCA. We are asking all FPHS students and teachers to join JAG in this effort to make a difference in the lives of animals, in this area. We would like for the FPHS JAG program to be recognized for its contribution to this Community Service Project, at the annual Career Development Conference on March 5th.  

 HELP JAG and the ANIMALS! Support this worthy project !

We are asking for clean towels and blankets (do not need to be new), dog or cat food, buckets, pet shampoo, pet toys, treats, hand and dish soap, leashes, bleach, and monetary donations. Any donation will be greatly appreciated. See a JAG student or Ms. Holcomb.

  • The only drinks allowed on campus are drinks purchased on campus.  The drinks you purchase from the vending machine must be purchased off campus.

  • Gym is OFF limits to students at all recesses. NO students are allowed to walk around with water bottles or any type of drink bottles. There should be NO drinking of water or any sports drinks or any drinks in the classroom.  There is a water fountain in every hall.

  • There are to be NO students in the halls BEFORE 7:40 AM. All student are to report to their 1st period class before they go to any other teacher.

  • DO NOT come back through the lunch line for extra milk unless you have EXACT CHANGE $.50  AND please slow down when you approach the lunch manager and slowly tell her your lunch number.

  • NO students are to come into the building through the door at the end of the tech wing by Room 105, Ms. Newman's classroom.

  • CAREER COACH: Kendra Hodges will be here on Mondays and Wednesdays and some Fridays from 8:30 to 2 or 2:30. Students may visit her in the Guidance Office waiting room BUT only during non-core classes with permission from the teacher. You must have a note to see her.


    • Senior Supplies student balance sheet is located outside of Room 108, Mrs. Nichols’ room. I will receive payments to give Graduate Shop when they come by. Payment must be cash or money order in a sealed envelope with the student’s name and amount enclosed written on the outside of it.

    • It is time to start on your FAFSA. No monies such as Pell or TOPS will be awarded without completing this. The Career Coach can help.

    • If you have overdue candy money turn it into Ms. Stephenson ASAP.   If this money is not turned in you will not be issued a PROM TICKET.


  • YEARBOOK ADS: Senior Ads and Personal Ads are on sale.  The prices are as follows:  Whole page is 180.00 -- Half Page is 90.00  -- Quarter Page is 65.00
         Groups of friends can go in together and purchase ads also.  It's generally best to have no more than 11 photos for a full page, no more than 6 for a half page, and no more than 2 or 3 for a quarter page, but it is up to the purchaser.  Money and photos need to be turned into Ms. Evans (Room 110) no later than April 16th.

  • Check the scholarship link, on the school homepage, under Parents and under Students regularly to keep up with money opportunities. 
  • Time to start applying for colleges to get scholarship opportunities (If already enrolled with ULM DO NOT APPLY again, letters will be forthcoming)
  • Seniors with college credits: If you are planning on attending the college you received credit from you are alright. If you have credits from other colleges and are applying else where you need to be requesting transcripts sent to your college choice. See Mrs. Robbins with questions.
  • After January 1st can start applying for Financial Aid and TOPS with the FAFSA. More information on that later.