The cost to enter is 8.00  for EVERYONE...

NO PASSES, this includes Patriot Scholars and Faculty Passes, can be used.  Only LHSAA passes will accepted at the gate.

Happy Thanksgiving


Thursday, November 20, 2014                                                                                           

Salisbury Steak with Gravy, Sweet Potato Casserole, Black-eyed Peas, Peach Slices, Cornbreak
 French Toast Sticks with Syrup, OJ, and Milk

Schedule for TOMORROW:

  • Pep Rally @ 10:05 AM (Release cheer, dance, and band at 9:50 AM) -
  • Afterwards we will go to 5th period to begin lunch, teachers take your classes back from lunch to class.  There will be NO RECESS.
  •  Dress for TOMORROW is jeans and spirit shirt.  FREE OF CHARGE TO ALL..
  • Remember to pay your 2nd period teacher so when you come back from Thanksgiving Break you can begin dress down.  -- The office will have a list of all who have paid.
The old FPHS jersey's are being sold.  If you would like one see Coach Rick Berry in Room 206. They cost $10.00.   AND we will be dismissed at noon on TOMORROW DO NOT come to school that day planning to check out early. It will be counted absent as a full day.  We will be serving lunch.
SENIORS:   Mr. Waugh is coming TODAY  to pick up late orders.
IN SEARCH OF:  Chemistry students for grade recovery.
STUDENTS: The three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas is Free Dress for 15.00.  The money must be paid upfrontTOMORROW,  and Patriot Scholars are not exempt from this.  You can wear anything as long as it is appropriate for school.....  You know the NOs... NO HOLES, NO HOUSE SHOES, NO LOW TOPS, NO SAGGING, YADDA.... YADDA.... YADDA......   Christmas sweaters and hoodies are appropriate for example.  TEACHERS: Send Ms. Sartin an email about the number of students who have paid for Christmas dress down.


STUDENTS: the library will be closed all day on December 8 and 9 for testing. The week we return from Thanksgiving will be the 3rd week of the six weeks.  At this point, you should have taken at least one AR quiz.

Mr. Philips is collecting cereal boxes for a class project. He will be taking cereal boxes until Friday, December 5.

Annual Christmas Tree Lighting: Tuesday, December 2nd @ 5:30 P.M. Downtown Winnsboro.  Chili Cook-Off - Face Painting - Warm Winter Beverages & Tasty Treats - Singing and Other Entertainment - Lighting of the Community Tree & Christmas Cards


  • Ms. Strickland will cease taking up money from teachers and writing checks at 2:45 P.M. TODAY.  She will commence these activities on Monday, December 1st.

  • You are to collect and make a list of students in your 2nd period class who pay $15.00 to dress down the 3 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The money must be paid before we get out for Thanksgiving.  Make a list of all students in your 2nd period class who have paid, you keep a copy and turn a copy into the office by end of school on TOMORROW

  • When you leave TOMORROW, please leave your heat on low in case the weather is extremely cold over the holiday.  And check your mailbox in the workroom.

  • If you are using the computer lab off the library at any time, please keep the door leading out of the lab to the teachers lounge CLOSED.  NO student is to go into the teacher's lounge or to the faculty bathrooms.

  • Don't forget to put issues on Ms. Martin's clipboard in the workroom if you want your issues handled in a timely manner.  She is beginning to work on EOC prep and will be swamped.

  • **********   Ms. Sartin need to see: Jackson, Kitchen, Miles, Mingo, Neff, Ashford, Credit, Foy, Sebren, Smith, Wheeler, and Wiley.


  1. The only appropriate hoodie to have in your possession Monday through Thursday is the blue or red school hoodie with the school logo on it.... Any other hoodie will be taken from you.
  2. With the cold weather approaching, please note you are NOT allowed to wear hoodies under your school shirt.
  3. On that note, you may wear a long sleeved t-shirt under your school shirt, BUT it must be the same color of the school shirt.  If you don't understand that means if you wear a red school t-shirt or red school polo you must wear a long sleeved red shirt under it.. Same goes for blue t-shirt and blue polo (wear a blue long sleeved shirt under it) and white polo (wear a white long sleeved shirt under it)
  4. Sooooo... no undershirts except a solid red, white, or blue shirt.   NO stripes, NO plaids, etc.

If you decide not to follow the dress code outlined above your hoodie and/or non-regulation undershirt will be taken from you...

Delta Safety will have Driver Education classes for
 15-16-17 and 18 year old students that are interested at Franklin Parish High School in the Chorus Room starting on Monday, December 29, 2014 and running through January 3, 2015. 
To apply go to the Choir Room AKA the ISD Room on December 29th at 8:00 A.M. and have $475.00


>Teen Choice Award books are at the front of the library as you come in by the circulation desk.  Remember you need to read two of these books in order to vote.


>We are giving you your AR user name and password.  It is your responsibility to have that information with you each time you come in to test or check your bookshelf.  If we have to give the information to you after the first time, you will have to pay for a replacement.  The replacement cost will be $1.00 until you are given your plastic card.  Once we have given you the plastic card with this information the cost will be $3.00.

 >You will no longer be able to print for free in the library.   Due to the high cost of ink we must charge you to print.   15 cents to print a black and white copy 25 cents to print a color sheet     See Ms. Parker if you have any questions.    Also, students can only print their material in the library, no student is

  • CAREER COACH: Kendra Hodges will be here on Mondays and Wednesdays and some Fridays from 8:30 to 2 or 2:30. Students may visit her in the Guidance Office waiting room BUT only during non-core classes with permission from the teacher. You must have a note to see her.

  • Check the scholarship link, on the school homepage, under Parents and under Students regularly to keep up with money opportunities. 
  • Time to start applying for colleges to get scholarship opportunities (If already enrolled with ULM DO NOT APPLY again, letters will be forthcoming)
  • Seniors with college credits: If you are planning on attending the college you received credit from you are alright. If you have credits from other colleges and are applying else where you need to be requesting transcripts sent to your college choice. See Mrs. Robbins with questions.

  • After January 1st can start applying for Financial Aid and TOPS with the FAFSA. More information on that later.